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OpenLDAP Software (http://www.openldap.org/software/) is a suite of LDAP clients, servers, utilities and developer tools. As OpenLDAP Software is updated often, some answers here may be out of date.
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Answers in this category:
(Answer) What does OpenLDAP Software include?
(Answer) What versions of the LDAP does OpenLDAP Software implement?
(Answer) What LDAPv3 features/extensions are supported by the OpenLDAP server?
(Answer) What LDAPv3 features/extensions are NOT supported by the OpenLDAP server?
(Answer) Does slapd(8) support multi-master replication?
(Answer) How much does OpenLDAP Software cost?
(Answer) Is OpenLDAP "free" software?
(Answer) Where can I get OpenLDAP Software?
(Answer) Which version of OpenLDAP Software should I use?
(Answer) When will OpenLDAP X.Y be released?
(Category) Are "packaged" releases of OpenLDAP Software available?
(Answer) How does OpenLDAP Software relate to U-Mich LDAP?
(Answer) Is there an Administrators Guide?
(Answer) Is there a Quick Start Guide?
(Answer) Is the OpenLDAP Administrators' Guide available in format X?
(Answer) Is OpenLDAP Software for Linux only?
(Answer) Are there any mailing lists dedicated to OpenLDAP in languages other than English?
(Answer) Can OpenLDAP use NFS to store back-bdb/hdb data?
(Answer) Why is using the OpenLDAP server from a Linux distribution not recommended?
(Answer) Is an export license required to export OpenLDAP Software? What ECCN has been given to OpenLDAP Software?
(Answer) How Do I Export Active Directory into OpenLDAP to emulate the Outlook Global Address List?
(Answer) OpenLDAP Mirror Mode
(Answer) New Item

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