OpenLDAP, Release Road Map

Release Road Map

This roadmap provides a rough guide of past, present, and future releases of OpenLDAP Software based upon developer feedback. The roadmap is not a schedule of availability and is subject to change as new developer feedback is provided. The Project does not maintain more detailed plans.

Past Releases

OpenLDAP 1.0 (released August 1998)
This version is not actively maintained.
OpenLDAP 1.1 (released December 1998)
This version is not actively maintained.
  • Additional Features
    • externally configurable client library support: ldap.conf(5)
    • demonstration GTK interface
    • demonstration PHP3 interface
  • Enhance security features
    • ACL by group support.
    • Improved Password Security Features including SHA1, MD5 and crypt(3) support instead of clear-text passwords.
    • Enhanced TCP wrapper support
  • Improved build environment
    • Automated Configuration
    • Shared Library Support
  • Upgrade platform support
OpenLDAP 1.2 (released February 1999)
This version is not actively maintained.
  • ldapTCL - a TCL SDK from NeoSoft
  • LDAP passwd tool
  • Salted passwd support
  • Numerous bug fixes and platform updates
OpenLDAP 2.0 (released August 2000)
This version is not actively maintained.

LDAPv3 support and much, much more!

  • LDAPv3 (RFC3377,2251-2256,2829-2830)
    • Strong Authentication (SASL) (RFC2829)
    • Start TLS (RFC2830)
    • Language Tags (RFC2596)
    • DNS-based service location (RFC2247+RFC3088)
    • Password Modify (RFC3062)
  • Enhanced Standalone Server
    • Named References/ManageDsaIT (RFC3296)
    • Enhanced Access Control subsystem
    • Thread pooling
    • Preemptive threading support
    • Multiple listener support
  • LDIFv1 (RFC2849)
  • Improved platform/subsystem detection
OpenLDAP 2.1 (released June 2002)
This version is not actively maintained.

Functional enhancements and improved stability:

  • Transaction oriented database backend
  • Improved Unicode/DN Handling
  • SASL authentication/authorization mapping
  • SASL in-directory storage of authentication secrets
  • Enhanced administrative limits / access controls
  • Enhanced system schema checking
  • LDAPv3 extensions:
    • Enhanced Language Tag/Range option support
    • objectClass-based attribute lists
    • LDAP Who ami I? Extended Operation
    • LDAP no-op Control
    • Matched Values Control (RFC3876)
    • Misc LDAP Feature Extensions
  • LDAP C++ API
  • Updated LDAP C & TCL APIs
  • Meta Backend
  • Monitor Backend
  • Virtual Context "glue" Backend
OpenLDAP 2.2 (released December 2003)
This version is not actively maintained.

Functional enhancements and improved scalability:

  • "LDAP Sync"-based lightweight replication
  • Proxy Cache Support
  • Hierarchical Backend
  • NS-SLAPI Support
  • Backend Layering
  • Access Control extensions including dynamic group support
  • LDAPv3 extensions:
    • ACID extensions
    • Cancel Operation (RFC3909)
    • Content Synchronization Operation
    • DIT Content Rules (X.501)
    • Duplicate Entry Extension
    • Simple Paged Results Extension (RFC2696)
    • Proxied Authorization Extension
OpenLDAP 2.3 (released June 2005)
This version is not actively maintained.

Functional enhancements and improved scalability:
  • Access Control extensions including "don't disclose on error" provisions
  • Configuration Backend (cn=config)
  • Password Policy Overlay (work in progress)
  • Sync Provider Overlay
  • Delta-syncrepl support
  • LDAPv3 extensions:
    • ManageDIT Extensions (work in progress)
    • Component Matching (experimental)

Current Release(s)

OpenLDAP 2.4 (released October 2007)
Functional enhancements and improved scalability:
  • Updated slapd dispatcher
  • MirrorMode and MultiMaster replication
  • Proxy Sync replication
  • Expanded monitoring
  • Multiple new Overlays
  • Expanded documentation
  • New socket backend (experimental)
  • LDAPv3 extensions:
    • LDAP Chaining Operation support
    • LDAP Don't Use Copy Control support
    • LDAP Dynamic Directory Services (RFC2589)

Future Minor Releases

OpenLDAP 2.5 (TBD)
Functional enhancements:

Future Major Releases

OpenLDAP 3.0 (TBD)
We're not thinking that far ahead right now.

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