F. OpenLDAP Software Contributions

The following sections attempt to summarize the various contributions in OpenLDAP software, as found in openldap_src/contrib

F.1. Client APIs

Intro and discuss

F.1.1. ldapc++

Intro and discuss

F.1.2. ldaptcl

Intro and discuss

F.2. Overlays

F.2.1. acl

Plugins that implement access rules. Currently only posixGroup, which implements access control based on posixGroup membership.

F.2.2. addpartial

Treat Add requests as Modify requests if the entry exists.

F.2.3. allop

Return operational attributes for root DSE even when not requested, since some clients expect this.

F.2.4. autogroup

Automated updates of group memberships.

F.2.5. comp_match

Component Matching rules (RFC 3687).

F.2.6. denyop

Deny selected operations, returning unwillingToPerform.

F.2.7. dsaschema

Permit loading DSA-specific schema, including operational attrs.

F.2.8. lastmod

Track the time of the last write operation to a database.

F.2.9. nops

Remove null operations, e.g. changing a value to same as before.

F.2.10. nssov

Handle NSS lookup requests through a local Unix Domain socket.

F.2.11. passwd

Support additional password mechanisms.

F.2.12. proxyOld

Proxy Authorization compatibility with obsolete internet-draft.

F.2.13. smbk5pwd

Make the PasswordModify Extended Operation update Kerberos keys and Samba password hashes as well as userPassword.

F.2.14. trace

Trace overlay invocation.

F.2.15. usn

Maintain usnCreated and usnChanged attrs similar to Microsoft AD.

F.3. Tools

Intro and discuss

F.3.1. Statistic Logging


F.4. SLAPI Plugins

Intro and discuss

F.4.1. addrdnvalues